• A group photo of the SHURP 2022 students and program directors
  • Photo of the SHURP 2022 cohort at the Leadership Alliance National Symposium

Applications for SHURP 2023 are now open! Access the application by clicking the "Apply Now" button on the right and select "Harvard University Division of Medical Sciences" as one of your schools of choice.


SHURP is a ten-week summer program offered by the Division of Medical Sciences at Harvard Medical School and the Graduate School of Arts and Sciences. It seeks to provide underrepresented minority college students an opportunity to gain training and mentorship in scientific research.
Participants will:
  • Conduct 10 weeks of paid, scholarly research under the guidance of a faculty member and research mentor
  • Participate in weekly career and professional development sessions and research discussions
  • Meet with peer mentors
  • Present a poster presentation at the Leadership Alliance National Symposium
  • Present an oral presentation at the conclusion of the program
  • Gain a professional network of mentors and SHURPers    

*SHURP 2023 will be 10 weeks from Sunday, May 28 to Saturday, August 5.

Applications for SHURP 2023 wil open on November 1st on the Leadership Alliance website

We are excited to announce a new MD-PhD track within the SHURP program: Harvard/MIT Equitable Access to Research Training MD-PhD Summer Program (HEART). For more information about how to apply to HEART, please visit this website: https://www.hms.harvard.edu/md_phd/heart/admissions.html


From our past SHURPers

Jacob T. Holmes

Georgia State University, class of 2021

SHURP and Harvard University changed my life. I gained the confidence to apply to schools I had only ever dreamed of applying to. I also made friends, learned a ton about the graduate school process, and even honed in on my own goals. SHURP gave me stability during the 2020 quarantine while helping me develop professionally, and I will be forever grateful.

Roland Scott

Pomona College, class of 2022

Despite the online format, SHURP gave me the opportunity to work with an incredible lab and with wonderful mentors who provided the support I needed to work virtually. I now feel prepared to apply to and succeed in graduate programs that interest me because I received invaluable guidance and advice during SHURP. It is stunning that such an empowering program could have been put together in such a short period of time for us and executed so well.

Kaci Craft

Langston University, class of 2021

SHURP 2020 was one of the best internships I have ever experienced. I felt so connected to the entire faculty and gained so many skills that will allow me to complete graduate school. I will always be in connection with my SHURP family.

Santos Navarro

University of Colorado Boulder, class of 2021

SHURP was an amazing experience because a community of diverse students from Harvard welcomed me. Most importantly, I grew as a researcher during the program and I learned that I can become a successful graduate student at schools like Harvard.

Edward Campos

Lindenwood University, class of 2020

I truly believe that the SHURP program was a positively transformative experience for me! It allowed me to conduct a meaningful research project as well as create long-lasting relationships throughout all the uncertainty present during the COVID-19 pandemic. The SHURP cohort did their absolute best to make the program a meaningful virtual experience. It is a great honor to be an alumnus of this excellent program!